Our Mission

Custom tailored made service

UCI was established in 1989 and has continued to develop in the rapidly changing international cargo transportation and logistics market. The main market was North America in the beginning but has been shifted to China with the cooperation of strong Chinese freight forwarding companies. We now also focus on the Asian markets of India, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Myanmar, and Bangladesh along with expansion to overseas networks which cover most major cities around the world. UCI adapted the advanced computer systems (FFS-Freight Forwarding System) for operation, accounting, and communication. The EDI system of transmitting shipping data including SKU has also been implemented.
UCI is approved as a Class 2 Consigned Freight Forwarding Business for both air and ocean by the ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport (MLIT). UCI is also a Regulated Agent (RA) for cargo security approved by MLIT. UCI is also an approved licensed customs broker at Kansai Airport and Narita airport where many general cargo, food items, and fresh cargoes are customs cleared. UCI's mission is to provide a “ Safe”, “ Reliable”, “ Fast” and custom tailored made service best suited for the respective client’s needs and requirements. In April 2012, UCI became a group company of Naigai Trans Line, the largest NVOCC in Japan, and a listed company in the Tokyo No. 1 exchange market. UCI continues to develop as a Global Logistics and Solutions provider.

UCI Airfreight Japan, Inc

Company Profile

Company Name
UCI Airfreight Japan,Inc.
10th August 1989
Head office
CAMCO Nishi Honmachi Bldg.11F,
1-1, Awaza 2-chome, Nishi-ku, Osaka, Japan 550-0011
Tel. 81-6-6543-1270 / Fax. 81-6-6543-1275
Main Bank
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation Tenmabashi Branch,
Air Cargo Consolidation License
Ocean Freight License(NVOCC)No.150
Member Organization
JAFA(Japan Air Cargo Forwarders Association)
JIFFA(Japan International Freight Forwarders Association)
IATA(International Air Transport Association)
Tokyo Chamber of Commerce
Osaka Chamber of Commerce
The Company President
Mr.Toshihide Yoshimoto
Mr.Masaya Tanno
Ms.Teruko Yasushiro
Mr.Teruo Nagai
Mr.Hironao Higashi

UCI Office

Head Office

CAMCO Nishi Honmachi Bldg.11F/8F,
1-1, Awaza 2-chome, Nishi-ku, Osaka, Japan 550-0011
Tel. 81-6-6543-1270
Fax. 81-6-6543-1275


Ocean Export/Import Osaka(11F)
Tel. 81-6-6543-1271
Fax. 81-6-6543-1276

Air Export Osaka(11F)
Tel. 81-6-6543-1272
Fax. 81-6-6543-1277

Kansai Customs Clearance (Ocean)(8F)
Tel. 81-6-6543-1273
Fax. 81-6-6543-1278

Customer Service(Air Import)(8F)
Tel. 81-6-6543-1274
Fax. 81-6-6543-1278

UCI Rinku Air Cargo Center

7-33, Minato 2-Chome, Izumisano-City,
Osaka, Japan 598-0063
Tel. 81-72-479-8230
Fax. 81-72-479-8231


Kansai Airport office(OSAKA AIR CARGO)

NO.3 Cargo Agent Bldg.,2F
1, Senshukuko Minami,
Sennan-City, Osaka, Japan 549-0021
Tel. 81-72-456-5420
Fax. 81-72-456-5422


Tokyo office(OCEAN CARGO)

Shin Nihonbashi Bldg. ,6F
8-2, Nihonbashi 3-Chome,
Chuo-Ku,Tokyo, Japan 103-0027
Tel. 81-3-3510-1112
Fax. 81-3-3527-9522


Narita Airport office(AIR CARGO)

305-A Cargo Agent Build.1
154-4 Azakomemae,Furugome,Narita-City,
Chiba-Prefecture, Japan 282-0004
Tel. 81-476-32-8223/8224
Fax. 81-476-32-8219