UCI provides custom made service and solutions
for your Global Logistics requirements.

Air freight

Air Cargo Export

UCI is an IATA agent, Class 2 Consigned Freight Forwarding Business Provider, and Regulated Agent (RA). Osaka and Narita service offices handle General Cargo, Food Items, Automobiles and many other commodities. Rinku Air Cargo Center specializes in Ships Spares for storage, export and loading to foreign ships call at any Japan ports.

Air cargo Import

UCI provides Door to Door service from client’s overseas factories to Japan, including customs clearance and delivery.Kansai Airport service office and Narita service office are licensed customs handling clothing and apparel, food and fresh cargo.

Ocean freight

Ocean Cargo Export

UCI is a Class 2 Consigned Freight Forwarding Business Provider.Osaka and Tokyo Service office export LCL (Consolidation Cargo) and FCL (Full Container) including the collection, and customs clearance to the designated destination. “Colombo Express” and “Cambodian Express”, UCI’s own consolidation services are very popular and well reputed. These services are fast, reliable and safe.

Colombo Express

Ocean cargo Import

Ocean cargo Import Osaka and Tokyo Service office provide Door to Door service from Client’s overseas factories to Japan, including customs clearance and delivery. UCI’s own import consolidation service, “Osaka Express” is reliable and a popular choice.

Cross Border

UCI Osaka service office provides Cross Border service to Myanmar, Cambodia and to Laos with the cooperation of Thai trucking companies. The Cross Border service includes the collection of cargo in Thai factories and ports or airports (International cargo) to borders for customs clearance and delivery to the production factories in Myanmar, Cambodia and Laos.


Customs Clearance

UCI was approved Customs Clearance permit in February, 2014 and provide customs clearance service at KANSAI Airport, Narita Airport and at Osaka office with the policy of legal compliance and quick customs clearance.
Kansai and Narita Airport offices open for over-time, weekend and holiday for urgent Fresh, ships spares, USF cargoes on the demand of customers.Osaka office customs clearances are mainly for apparels which requires duty reduction applying temporary export and import act.

Liquor Import & Export Agency Service

UCI is approved Liquor export and import license which makes UCI become export and importer record officially. UCI prepares export commercial invoice and other required documents on behalf of brewers who are not familiar with export procedures for the safe and fastest arrival after own customs clearance. UCI can render payment collection service on behalf of brewers.
For Overseas buyer, UCI can be act as exporter on behalf of brewers unfamiliar with complicated export procedure and can consolidated buyer’s container for reducing transportation cost. UCI also can act as trading firm for purchasing liquors in Japan.
For import, UCI also acts as trading company if you like to import liquors from overseas.